Monday, November 23, 2009

Snow! Let It Snooooooow

The very first expectation that came to my mind when we boarded our plane for the U.S. was only one thing. SNOW! Living in a tropical country like the Philippines, I had been curious as to how snow really feels. Ha ha!

Talk about being ignorant. Although our relatives told us that snow usually happens in late December and January, November was already a cold season for them.

We didn't experience snow in New York, just the cold weather. Where we got hit by snow came at an unusual and unexpected place. While we were on the bus going to Niagara, my brother told me that it seemed like it was starting to snow. I said "huh?". Like, it looks like ordinary rain to me.

Later on, I noticed the area on the road slowly became white... That was when I realized that it was snow. But hey, it's just the same flakes that you see in your freezer. I thought it would be something else. We got lucky when the bus stopped at an outlet store so we could relieve ourselves and buy some snacks.

That was the time when we hit the outside for pictures. My only regret was that because of all the excitement, I forgot to make one damn LITTLE snowball! Forget the snowman, but a snowball?!?

Geez, I only realized it when I saw a little kid do that to his brother and I was already in the bus getting ready to leave for Niagara. Oh well, better luck next time (if there is a next time, ha ha!). But that moment was a hell lot enjoyable.


Karthick N said...

Seems u really had a nice time... Me2 goin to Sweden from India next yr and i am waiting to see the first fall of snow there....

chitgoks said...

wow! sweden's a great country. enjoy your vacation

Primary Work at Home said...

Wow nice pictures. Have a great vacation.


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