Saturday, April 5, 2008

Disney Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom's landmark is the Disney castle that we also see in Disney movies. I wasn't able to go inside the castle and check if there are rooms inside or not. But I don't think there are any. Make sure you'll be near the castle and in front of it as when I went there, there was a parade of Disney characters in glowing lights. Soon after, a narrator tells a story, complete with fireworks on every scene. And the lights on the castle change into different colors. Always have your camera ready for this and once the show starts, it's click click click.

Once you get inside Magic Kingdom, start having your pics taken. Castle like structures, balconies and others greet you upon entering. There are also sci-fi structures there like this one. Head over to Buzz Lightyear's mini roller coaster. Darn! I got duped into riding this one. Everything was dark except little glowing lights that depict space. It's a good ride for roller coaster fans... but not to me. It was blazingly fast too! Arrrgghhh!

They also have a haunted mansion tour that is not.. well scary. This is Disney after all, much like Eddie Murph's the haunted mansion, so it didn't spook me. You'd laugh at it instead because their butlers sometimes look straight at you, their face near yours while you listen to the commentator narrate things about the mansion and others.

"It's a small world" from the hit song it's a small world after all, is also a good attraction to see. You go inside the tunnel filled with toys moving, playing instruments, dancing to the music of the song while you pass by them in a small boat ride. It's a worth it ride because it's pretty long. Probably around 10-15 minutes I think. This attraction shows only toys, nothing else. Just be careful not to move around much else you'd fall down and get soaked.

Take the ride that shows you around part of Magic Kingdom at a high angle. Good one. It's the ride behind us. I just forgot the name. Try to check on the Tomorrowland Area. This is probably Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Other than these, most attractions are just sight seeing and seeing Disney characters. If you're a grown-up, wait and watch out for the fireworks at night. I think that happened around 8pm.

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