Saturday, April 5, 2008

Disney Epcot

Epcot is another theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. The park is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation. This was the 2nd theme park that we went in Disney. Not all country representations are in here though (the world is just too large! lol). The landmark for this theme park is the large white ball. At first glance, you'd mistake it for just an ordinary round object, like a giant golf ball. The inside of it is actually contains unique plants and the ball acts like a solar energy absorber. I'm pretty sure it's this, because when I checked on the map, the golf ball is labeled Spaceship Earth - glide gently through audio-animatronics story of communication. A lot of unique plants are found here. They even have displays on how to develop a mickey-head-shaped pumpkin. Again, this theme park is big, even though half of the theme park's size consists of the areas for each showcased country. Each country shows off their heritage, shows, crafts and others. The schedule for each country's show is not displayed in the map. So just pass by each country one at a time and you might get lucky to be on time for any of their shows. China's acrobat show was neat, you should watch it.

Must see and rides here ... (check the map)

Soarin! The best ride of them all! If you're wearing slippers you can
leave them on the ground because once the ride starts, your seat will be elevated and your area will change its view from dark blank to an aerial view of just about anywhere while you're flying in a hang glider. Do not miss this! Else there'd be no point going to Epcot. Sad to say, no pics. I was enjoying the view and the experience haha.

Imaginations is near the giant golf ball, within the pyramids. It shows you video about inventions and some hands-on experience with their unique technology. Even grownups would love this one. You'd move your arms around and a cartoon type object synchronizes your movements and does it with its programmed action. Once you exit, they have an area where you can have your pictures taken and add cartoon-type funny faces on them.

Test Track - even though it's not like a roller coaster, I didn't ride on this because it's still like a roller coaster on a straight line, probably faster. Ick! I might puke if I rode on that. Beside it, inside, they have an exhibit of luxurious cars. I just had to get in to any I could get inside and have my picture taken. I Could probably never have that same chance anytime soon haha.

There is one place that I forgot where exactly it is located. If you come inside a place where there are lots of people drinking colas using small recyclable glasses, go for it! Those are actually colas or sodas perhaps from different countries and they're free! You'd probably get a stomach ache after drinking so many different sodas at one time haha!

This theme park is more of the sight-seeing type when you get to the countries area. Just be sure you experience must see and must ride I mentioned awhile ago.

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