Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting Your Pictures Taken In Disney

Here is a tip when you're in any of the Disney theme parks, you'll always see photographers who'll ask if you would like your pictures taken. Naturally, most responses are no, since we always bring our cameras with us, why bother paying for more? This was the case when we went there before, but I later found out that you actually can have your picture taken without ever having to pay for it.

You can actually access their site and gain access to the pictures.The only drawback is that the pictures are not very high-res. But hey, it's better than none right? Their pics are great even when the resolution is not so big. I forgot the URL to where you can check out your pics but they're listed at the back of the card that you're given to store your pics. If a new photographer would take your picture, make sure to give the card first so that all your pictures will be stored there. That way, you'll manage only 1 card.

The card expires after a month that it's been given to you so you have ample time to go over all the pics stored and get them. If you wish to have the photos printed, just go over to their photo booth, give the card to them and choose which image you wish to be printed.


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