Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Disney - Animal Kingdom

Once you enter Disney's Animal Kingdom, you'll see some animals right away. Though it doesn't have mostly known animals, they've got enough to keep the kids interested as well as the grownup ones (me *wink*). AK (Animal Kingdom) doesn't just have real animals alone. They also provide rides and live shows mostly based on Disney animal characters. The landmark area for this theme park is the large tree at the center called the Tree of Life. Within this area, you can see tortoises, lemurs and cotton-top tamarins. Tamarins are monkeys and they are so little that they somehow look fragile.

Animals, prehistoric os present, are carved onto the walls on the tree of life like this one. Kids can watch a live show with characters from the movie A Bug's Life. Check out the schedule. It's pretty hard if you're a first timer in any of the parks of Disney because you basically have no idea if the show, ride or whatever gimmick is good or not. We were lucky because of my aunt's friend. He's memorized all the must-see shows and rides so we never had a problem choosing where to start.

If you're a roller coaster freak, the Everest Expedition is a good one. You'd recognize it right away because of the snowy mountain top. What's special with this ride is that within the cave, there's actually a Yeti that would scare people before they ride off downhill. He he he spoiler! Never rode this one since I'm allergic to heights.

Conservation Station has lots of interesting facts displayed about animals. You can go inside a room and hear bird chirps, the sound of nature. Check out snakes and others under the care of veterinarians. Live, up close.

DinoLand has rides, shows and stuffs about dinosaurs. The pic looks like from a scene in a Night at the Museum haha. Dinosaurs are one of the animals that interests me so I stayed in DinoLand roaming around for quite a long time.

You should also watch the Lion King Festival. It's a very long show featuring characters from the Lion King. It's not just about mascots but there are also dance and song numbers. It's a pretty long show but a very good one. Make this one of your must-see shows. There'll never be a Lion King whenever Timon and Pumba aint around. Even donning mascot costumes they still are hilarious, except that Pumba was just an animated machine. Timon though was donned by a person. All people who watched this show were also into it, people were cheering them on, clapping while they danced and sung. If you're into Komodo Dragons, you should go to the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Didn't get to have a pic of any one of them because they were hiding themselves within the tree trunks. It was also hard to get a picture of them because they were encased in glass, so the flash would just bounce back right back to my lens.

The number one must see in AK is the Safari. You go on a tour passing by animals. They even have some special effects while during the tour, like you're also in some sort of adventure. Never saw a hill that's tall like this. I forgot it this was an ant or a termite's. The lions were too lazy to go out they just slept on top of the rocks where they stayed. Saw some elephants, crocs, pelicans, flamingos, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, some wild boars and goat-like type animals that I never knew about until I saw them there. No need to be scaredy catz, as your trail is safely distanced from the animals that you get to pass by.

I wanted to see more wild cats but I guess not all of them were there as some of them might get hostile all of a sudden. I think I saw some tigers too but there were no cheetahs and leopards. There is also an area in AK where there are birds. Most of the shows in AK are for kids, and I watched only a few of them. Check out the schedules, shows and ride times are not linked in a way that you can ride or watch them from one point to the next. Sometimes you'd have to go to the other part of AK because of the time. If you have someone with you who's used to going there, great!

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