Monday, July 28, 2014

Choi City 3 Mushrooms + Broccoli July 2014

The 3 mushrooms and broccoli of Choi City is a good order. The content serving is more than enough for any number of groups depending on what size you wish to order for this.

I love mushroom and broccoli and while the way Choi City prepares this dish is nothing out of the ordinary, this kind is always one of my favorites in Chinese restaurants.

3 different mushrooms. What more can one ask for? ;)

Choi City is located in Banilad Town Center in Banilad Cebu, Philippines.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Choi City Disaster: Scallops July 2014

I was appalled when I received this tray worth 2 LARGE orders of scallops that Choi City said can accommodate 20-24 pax.

Okay, let me exaggerate it by counting the minimum instead. 20 pax. Heck, this order was good only for around 8-10 people. With the sheer number of seaweed mixed with the scallops, I would say that their 2 larges orders of scallops is good for only 1 teaspoon per person if the target was intended for 20-24 pax.

This was a bad order. Plus the scallops were pretty hard. Now perhaps you might say these are not the imported kind. Yes, they are the ordinary ones but I tasted softer scallops from other restaurants than these.

Perhaps because this was rushed? Since this was a delivered order on a specific day. Regardless, I paid for the right amount but did not get my payment's worth.

Still, with their reputation, all food should be cooked the right way regardless how little their time available is, right? Otherwise they could have just turned down my order.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Choi City Disaster - Szechuan Beef July 2014

Choi City's food can be delicious if someone else foots for the bill. First time I ate there, I was pretty impressed because I loved the food and I was not the one who paid for the bill.

Last week, I had my house blessing and decided to order food from them. When we started scouring through the food, we were all disappointed most of the food we ordered were screwed: few meat and mostly made up of vegetables.

How screwed up can that be? Well, definitely 100% screwed up.

Take this szechuan beef for example. 10% beef, 90% vegetables.

Their large order can accommodate 10-12 pax costing almost PHP1,000. Now, we ordered 2 large orders of szechuan beef and I was terribly disappointed when there were barely any beef in there.

20-24 pax. What were they thinking? 1 small cut of beef per pax? That is downright insulting. Who knows, they probably took some of it. Then again, they could have just went straight to the point and placed it in a miniature tray that balances the amount of beef and vegetable placed.

This strategy is more like how restaurants serve their sisig by using only a small amount of sisig meat and spreading them out flat all over the plate so to make it look like the serving is plentiful.

Frankly speaking, I will never suggest Choi City to anyone who plans to order food from them for delivery.


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