Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spontaneous Travel Adventure

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Trveler Inc for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
The Internet is and has always been a big help when travelers plan for vacations. However, people who wish to go on vacation normally look for the best deals possible in order to save up on costs.

This can take quite some time and one can never be sure if they got the best deal even after they book for one.

Trveler is the first all inclusive, flat monthly fee travel service in the U.S and they are looking to disrupt the travel industry by providing the ability to travel multiple times a year to new destination each time without the hassle of having to find the best deal possible.

Which brings us the question, how?!?

First things first. It is a subscription based spontaneous travel service. A flat monthly fee guarantees users a surprise U.S. destination and a 2-night hotel stay. Simply sign up and select the preferred departure dates 90 days in advance.

Everything one needs for a complete vacation is all here. Extend your trip, rent a car, make reservations, book adventures or select from special events that are available at your destination.

Just customize based on your preferences.

The user interface is pretty slick. I mean, I am not that very much technically inclined so I am pretty sure you won't have a hard time navigating around its features and services and choosing which activities, trips or reservations you wish to book for.

Currently, the site is still in beta and they are currently offering special discounts on add-ons for trips with special pricing on subscriptions for the first 200 beta users.

And up and coming feature that I am looking forward to is their so called Trveler Nation which will allow users to connect and share experiences with other Trvelers.

So hurry up and sign up at this Subscription Based Spontaneous Travel site.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Cebu City Sports Club August 2015

The food at Cebu City Sports Club is pretty good. However, the placement of their food somehow is misplaced.

One place has the salad and the main course but the fruits is placed all the way to the end of the main course.

While that may look normal, I would not have minded if they had only one place for all of their food.

The opposite side featured seafood, lechon, siomai and sushi which, for seafood and lechon alone can be considered as part of the main course.

They also have a specific salad buffet if you prefer only salad so that is a pretty good option for health conscious buffs who want to gobble up veggie types only.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Lihani Barbecue Rumskin August 2015

This small Korean restaurant is located just beside Cebu Parklane Hotel. The place is not that very neat. There are better Korean restaurants scattered across Cebu where the place looks cleaner than this.

The food is not delicious. I ordered ramen and it did not look the same as the one in their menu. It was only ramen and soup. That's it! A total rip-off.

The sushi like food that we ordered looks the same as the one you see that gets sold in SM. Heck, even SM's version probably looks better since it won't break easily.

The price is overly expensive and they also have an owner that instructs her staff to start cooking when the customer is actually asking what the ingredients are in their menu.

Be careful. Their table has some openings in between and some small roaches might come out all of a sudden.

The staff even took it using his own hand. Yuck! He did not even bother using tissue paper to get it.

Never going back to this joint again!


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