Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Everything Yummy @ IT Park March 2014

We checked out Everything Yummy in eBloc 2 Building in IT Park a few months back and I ordered their Burger Steak.

So what can I say? Nothing special nor out of the ordinary but some positive here is that their sauce is pretty delicious!

They also have other branches at Piazza Elesia and Talamban, in Cebu Philippines. Their branch in IT Park may not look like one stylish restaurant but the food served was pretty good.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

KKa Chi Korean Restaurant October @ 2014

Frankly, even I was surprised when we ordered Kka Chi Restaurant's Eolkuen Ramen. It can be goodf or 2 pax.

And for only PHP200.00, it comes with 3 side dishes, one of them which is kimchi.

Now this, is a sweet deal.

Kka Chi Restaurant is owned by a Korean and is located near IT Park, where in front of the old prison which is now a leased building owned by the government, you can find Tree Shade Spa and another Korean restaurant which I forgot the name that used to be La Tegola.

Beside it perpendicularly (if there is such a word) is where Kka Chi Restaurant sits. I forgot to take a photo of their joint's signage but you cannot miss it, with the bright lights and color-notificing theme.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pandanon Island @ Cebu March 2014

Pandanon Island is sandwiched between Cebu and Bohol and is one of many islands that can be visited amongst Cebu's various island hopping services.

The best place to go there is always during the early part of the morning. Why? Take the photos for example. I was lucky there were not that many people strolling on the shores because of the hot weather.

Most were inside the huts so I was very lucky and fortunate to take some photos of the shoreline without any crowd.

While its beach may not boast that many fish when you go snorkeling, it does have its fair share of sea creatures that are fun to watch.

Heck, I will never forget this experience because after this and the next stop we went to which was the fish sanctuary, my neck hurt like hell from moving left and right looking at the wondrous sea creatures lurking beneath.


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