Wednesday, April 22, 2015

UCC Cafe March 2015

UCC Cafe is known for their coffee. So people say. I, however, opted to try their food since in my taste, there is no difference with brewed coffee.

Whether they be Starbucks, UCC, Figaro, Coffee Bean or whatever, the taste is still the same.

The prices of their food are comparable to the likes of TGIF and Italiannis so you better have your wallet or credit card prepared for the worst LOL.

But really. I do not mind the price as long as the food tastes great.

And boy, UCC Cafe's food is heaven!

We ordered:

Chicken Teriyaki Salad for PHP329.00 which may look like it won't make you full but once you gobble up half of it, you'd wish you did not order any other.

Indian Curry Spaghetti for PHP399.00 may look like the content ain't much but really, this one can make anybody's tummy full after consuming even just half of it. And yes, the curry is yummy too!

Seafood Risotto for PHP499.00 may look overpriced considering the content ain't that plentiful but as I said awhile ago, if it tastes good then it definitely is worth it. Love the taste by the way. The saltiness favored my preferences because my wife and I are not that into salty food anyway.

The only downside with our experience is seeing a large fly suddenly land on top of the Seafood Risotto and the staff just took it with her bare hands after we complained about it.

Also, we should have been given a new one rather than adding the part that we ate and the part that was contaminated by the fly.

Still, it cannot be denied that the food at UCC Cafe is very good!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chix Savour February 2015

Chix Savor has some good tasting food here. And one of the crew kept the whole crowd entertained with his charisma.

Imagine that. I don't get to experience that kind of customer service in just about any food joint I dine in.

We ordered the following:

Beef Brisket Mami for PHP95.00
Big Brother Belly for PHP135.00
Sizzling Burger Steak PHP138.00

The prices are fairly affordable. I definitely will go back here again when I will have the chance! Our first time was coincidental because we wanted to get a massage that time and wanted to eat dinner first.

Chix Savor is located just across Tree Shade Spa near IT Park so it was a no brainer trying this food joint since a friend of mine already told me that the food here is good.

No question about it. It was worth it!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Neues MMO-RPS Spiel

Hounds: The Last Hope ist ein abenteuerliches Computerspiel. Es gibt viele entzückende Geschichte in diesem Spiel. Deine Aufgabe ist das Retten die Welt von schädlichen Kreaturen. Ein Virus hat diese Welt angegriffen. Viele Kreaturen sind bereit, gegen uns zu bekämpfen.

Die Wickbrokes schiebt den Menschenschlag in die Gefahr. Was würdest du tun, wenn diese Situation echt wäre? Du musst dagegen bekämpfen! Mit Multiplayer Spielen kannst du dich mit deinen Freunde oder neuen internationalen Spieler in diesem Krieg befinden.

Im Hounds ist es möglich, gegen Spieler oder Gegner zu kämpfen. Hounds: The Last Hope hat PVE-Modus und PVP-Modi, die du spielen kannst, wie du willst!

Hounds Online hat die wunderbare Grafik der absteigenden Generation. Houds: The Last Hope unterscheidet sich von anderen Online Computerspiele mit seinem neuen Spiel-Verständnis.

Hounds wird im April offiziell an den Start gehen aber wenn du vor offizieller Release Hounds spielen möchtest, kannst du dich zu geschlossener Beta dafür anmelden. Neben dem hat Hounds vollkommen Deutsch Inhalt für die Spieler, die Deutsch als Muttersprache hat. 


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